Welcome Leverett Massachusetts!

welcome-leverettBack in 2008, the Town of Leverett Massachusetts, began to investigate the possibility of delivering fiber optic technology to the home (FTTH).  After five years of preparation,  construction began in June of 2013 and LeverettNet was complete by August of 2015.

In October of this year, OTELCO was selected to serve as the Internet Service Provider for Leverett’s fiber network. We are very excited to add Leverett to the OTELCO community and we take this opportunity to welcome all Leverett.  We are all working diligently to transition subscribers to OTELCO services during the first quarter of 2017.

In the meantime, we are preparing a welcome kit to assist with the transition.  When it’s complete we will mail copies to all subscribers and make it available on our website.  While most everything will stay the same service-wise, we are happy to offer a slight savings over the current plans and to bring an expanded long distance package.  We have, and will be updating as information is available,  a special landing page, under the residential tab, with important information for LeverettNet subscribers.

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We also publish a weekly blog  with some more technical topics that you might find interesting.  You can subscribe to the blog or simply pop in every week to see what’s trending.

All of us at OTELCO wish you a joyous holiday season and look forward to serving you in early 2017!