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When One door closes…..
The former “Food for Life” pantry that was located at the St. Steven Episcopal Church closed in 2014 due to the property being sold. The “Food for Life” pantry was available to assist those in need in the Waterboro area for many years. The closing of the “Food for Life” pantry was unfortunate and created a void for the 800 individuals who were using this local resource monthly

Another opens…..
In 2015 the Waterboro Community Pantry, a non-profit 501C3 organization, was formed. The volunteer group has been working diligently to become established in the community. It has filed the necessary legal paperwork, and begun fundraising to construct its own facility. A parcel of land has been donated, and the Food Pantry has been working with the Town of Waterboro to obtain a lease for an adjacent piece of land.

To date, the lease is in place, all the land has been surveyed, and thanks to a donation, site plan is prepared. The necessary insurance has been purchased and the group of 51 volunteers has raised more than $6,800.

With our help……
In order to construct the building including the associated infrastructure of a well and septic system, the Waterboro Community Food Pantry needs to raise at least another $60,000. Additionally, the group needs funding for or donations of a heating system, water pump, and other supplies necessary to complete the construction and open the doors. OTELCO is among the businesses donating products and services.

Please consider…..
• According to the U.S Census Bureau 8.4% of Waterboro residents live below poverty level
• 10.5% of those are under age 18 and 11.5% are 65 or over.
• 36% of Maine’s insecure population make too much money to qualify for food stamps and must rely on the charity food network.
• Waterboro is a small town of 7,700 people with a good number of these people working for minimum wage as well as an elderly population dependent upon Social Security.

If you can help the Waterboro Community Food Pantry, please call 207-247-5967,visit www.waterboropantry.org or send donations to Waterboro Community Pantry P.O.Box 325 East Waterboro, ME 04030

Or Please Remember Your Local Food Pantry
During the holidays, many of us go out of our way to support our local food pantries’ efforts to provide holiday meals for those less fortunate. Other than Waterboro, every OTELCO community has at least one local food pantry to help make ends meet for those in need. Whether you choose to help the Waterboro pantry get itself up and running, or you choose to support your local pantry, OTELCO thanks you, and encourages you to continue that support beyond the holiday season. We have compiled a list of food pantries that serve our communities in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and West Virginia.

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