Managed Service Options That Can Streamline Your Business Operations

Managed Service Options like network, application, system, and e-management services are among the offerings of a Managed Service Provider. These MSPs deliver services across a network to multiple enterprises with “pay-as-you-go” pricing.  Many Managed Service Providers focus on management services as their primary offering. However, many include third-party services such as application service providers, Web hosting companies, and network service providers.

Managed Service Options

There are many elements to Managed Services. Here are some of the most commonly provided managed service options:

24/7/365 Remote Monitoring and Management
Whether equipment is in-house or at the MSP’s facilities, ‘Management’ implies that the MSP continually ensures the equipment is running at a certain quality level and that software is up-to-date.

Cloud Servers
The MSP is the keeper and protector of your cloud-hosted mission-critical applications. This ensures redundancy, backup power, and automatic access to backup servers should there be a host failure.

Back-up and Disaster Recovery
Today, backup and recovery are much simpler than just 10 years ago.  In a virtual environment, the MSP maintains a duplicate of your application software, local data, settings, and memory.  That duplicate or backup is integral to rapid, seamless disaster recovery should a hardware component crash.

Managed Security
The MSP begins with a network assessment to determine any network vulnerabilities. Then, it recommends steps to minimize vulnerabilities and assists with implementation.  In addition, your MSP can also tailor the system to your company’s needs using a customizable security management application.

Additional Applications
Many Managed Service Providers offer third-party applications that enhance productivity and security in today’s mobile corporate culture.

The core and most important aspect of Managed Services is monitoring, management, and security. This is essentially an insurance policy for your critical business functions.  Many small and mid-sized businesses are likely to save money using managed services to replace or augment in-house IT staff.  They’re also likely to better utilize what IT staff they do employ in business development functions.

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