How Three Unique Businesses Could Benefit from Managed Services

A grapphic illustrations of different people doing different jobs, because Managed Services can help business from every industry take control of their IT. With business technology, there is no one size fits all solution. Every business, in every industry, has its own unique set of needs. Managed IT Services can mean different things for different businesses. What works for a health care analytics firm, won’t necessarily work for a lawyer or a bank.

This week, we take a look at three hypothetical businesses in completely different industries, and the Managed Services OTELCO would recommend for each.

A General Practitioners Office

This small town Health Center acts a GP for the local community. They have a staff of about twenty, including a family counselor, a chiropractor, and two secretaries that are part-time. Recently, in an effort to embrace telemedical trends, the practice invested in all new technology, including a brand new server that holds years’ worth of sensitive medical files. To help them manage their new technology, they have outsourced their IT environment to a Managed Services Provider. These are the services OTELCO would  recommend for them:

  • Security (SOC) as a Service (SaaS): Cyber Security is essential to medical practices because there are very strict privacy and security standards that health care providers have to meet. More importantly, medical records are often targeted by cybercriminals. In 2016, 64% of patient medical files were compromised by cybercriminals. SaaS from OTELCO ensures that patients records are always secure.
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Managed Servers and IT: In the health care community record keeping is essential. Doctors need to be able to access their patient’s medical files to accurately treat and heal them. All their medical files are stored on the practice’s local server. With Managed Servers and IT, OTELCO monitors and maintains that server for them, assuring that all their information is encrypted and protected with anti-virus. Backup as a Service gives the Doctors peace of mind of knowing that if their server were to ever go down, OTLECO could recover up-to-date files quickly and efficiently based off of their disaster recovery plan.
  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 will make scheduling a breeze with shared calendars from Outlook. It also gives the practitioners access to video conferencing tools, like Skype for business, so that they can do video check-ins with their elderly and rural patients.
  • Managed Workstations and Helpdesk: With Managed Workstations and Helpdesk OTECLO acts as an in-house IT team providing, among other things, adept helpdesk and troubleshooting services. Instead of hiring a full time IT employee, the practitioners will be able to put more money towards developing their telemedicine practices.

A Merchandise Start-Up

Not all clients require a full suite of services. Some small businesses only really need two or three solutions to keep things running smoothly. This merchandise startup develops magnetic toys for small children, designed to help develop their sensory skills. They are a team of four, and their IT environment consists of laptops, a 3D printer, smart devices, and a large copy machine printer. They have no need for a full time IT employee, so instead, they want to outsource to a local Managed Services Provider. OTELCO would equip them with:

  • Managed Helpdesk and It: Since this is such a small operation, that doesn’t need to adhere to any intense security standards, there really isn’t a need for them to invest in SOC as a Service. Instead, they can benefit from the security features included in OTELCO’s Managed Helpdesk and IT solution. The 24/7 monitoring, helpdesk, and troubleshooting will cover the rest of their IT needs, eliminating the need for any in-house techs.
  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 will provide a number of solutions for this startup. Outlook will unite them under one professional email account, that includes calendar sharing and anti-spam software. With OneDrive they will be able to store and backup all their files to the one-drive, eliminating the need for an expensive server. Collaboration is made easy with unified communication platforms like Teams, and file sharing software such as SharePoint. Lastly, they can easily meet with clients all across the country via Skype for Business.

Back Up as a Service is a Managed Services business continuity and disaster recovery solution.An Accountant

This accounting firm specializes in bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. Tax season is their busiest time of year, and to handle the onset of clients they bring on several part-time CPAs. Some of these seasonal employees telecommute, and/or bring their own devices. The business actually has in-house IT staff, but they outsource some of their IT needs to an MSP. OTELCO would partner with them to provide the following:

  • Desktop Virtualization: Desktop virtualization, also known as Managed Desktops, is a common solution for accountants with seasonal CPA’s. Employees are able to log onto virtual desktops, via the cloud, that are already set up with the software and data they need. These desktops are also protected by anti-virus and encryption at the provider’s end. It is an effective and secure solution that enables employees to work from anywhere, and pick up right where they left off last season.
  • Backup as a Service: This Accounting firm uses Backup as a Service to help them meet strict industry compliance guidelines. Not only does BaaS provide a disaster recovery plan, but it also produces industry-specific reports that make adhering to compliance standards that much easier for the in-house IT team.
  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 from OTELCO makes it easy for the firm to onboard new employees with email addresses, and provides access to valuable Microsoft tools like Excel. Microsoft Teams also makes it easy for telecommuters to interact and collaborate with the rest of the office.

Working with Real Clients

Managed Services can work for businesses across many industries. These were just three hypothetical examples of partnerships OTELCO could provide. Next week, we will explore how OTELCO uses Managed Services to help a real law firm in central Maine.

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