Why Working with a Managed Services Provider Should be Included in Your 2021 Budget

A graphic of an IT team, working on computers, representing the Cloud and Managed Services team

We know many businesses are mapping out their 2021 IT budgets over the next several weeks, and if you haven’t already incorporated working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) into your budget for the new year, now’s the time to consider how this addition might benefit your business.

Expertise and support

You have enough on your plate without staying on top of the latest trends in technology. When it’s time to upgrade systems or invest in new equipment, a Managed Service Provider can point you in the right direction, with recommendations for quality solutions to best suit your needs.

Beyond providing advice on equipment and services, if an issue ever arises, MSPs are equipped to help problem solve and guide you toward a solution. At OTELCO, our Managed Workstations and Helpdesk offers 24/7 access to a team of experts, 365 days a year.


Security for remote workers

There’s been a huge shift in the number of employees who have transitioned to remote work, and many companies have decided to continue to allow flexibility for remote work moving forward. In an earlier blog post, we detailed how Managed Services can benefit remote workforces. If work from home is the new norm, you might find comfort in the added security an MSP cap provides.

Adjust coverage as your needs change

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that we need to be prepared for the unexpected. If your business needs shift, it’s easy to add or remove users and applications to suit your needs.

Working with an MSP can save you money

The fact of the matter is, managed services can help keep your budget in check. Consider how frequently you’re incurring IT-related expenses. As one-off occurrences, they may seem manageable, but over time they add up. Not to mention, there are the unexpected cases (like when a computer crashes, or when one of your employees falls victim to a fraudulent email that leaves your system vulnerable) that leave you with a larger expense for a one-off fix.

An investment in managed services means you’re spending a set monthly amount to keep your systems running smoothly, as well as receiving the ongoing support and expertise of a Managed Service Provider to provide preventative planning before issues arise.

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