Staying Connected with Microsoft Teams

With the rise of remote working and expanded business footprints, staying in touch with coworkers is vital to productivity. You might have colleagues who are an ocean away, in the neighboring town, or just down the hall. Whether you’re near or far, secure collaboration is a must in today’s work environment. With Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 makes group work easy.

Getting Started with Teams

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft 365’s answer to secure business communication. Users can set up what are aptly named “teams,” or groups of coworkers, to corral relevant users into one location. Each team serves as a chatroom-like hub for colleagues to easily communicate with each other, cutting down on the possibility of missed messages or inbox overload that comes with communicating via email. Users can be part of any number of teams, so different projects or workgroups have their own collaboration space. It is also a great platform for one on one chats. 

Keep Communication Flowing

Microsoft Teams’ users stay on top of things with automatic notifications when conversations are updated, and if the need for a face-to-face discussion arises, voice or video conferencing calls can be made with a single click. Teams also makes scheduling meetings a breeze, with Outlook calendar integration.

Easily share information

Using a communication system that’s part of the Microsoft 365 suite means easy integration with other Microsoft services like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Documents and the like shared via Microsoft Teams are synced with a copy stored with OneDrive cloud storage so that users always have access to the most up to date version.

A cellphone with Teams chat on their phone.User-Friendly App

In the spirit of keeping in touch on the go, Microsoft Teams has a great app available for IoS and Android. With the Teams’ app, you never have to worry about missing an interoffice chat. More importantly, you can join a meeting from anywhere as if you were taking a regular call.

Fun Features

On top of all these great features, Microsoft Teams has its own app selection. These apps include message bots, social media integration, brainstorming tools, and more. Within teams, you can search Wikipedia, share the music you love, even send out company-wide polls, all with fun integrated features that make this versatile communications platform a one-stop-shop for productivity.

Get Your Team Collaborating

Does Teams sound like the tool to keep your business on track? Managing Teams and all of the other high-level tools offered by Microsoft 365 is easy with OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight some of our favorite Microsoft 365 features in the coming months.

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