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Gigabit Fiber Internet access from OTELCO now available in portions of Westbrook

OTELCO announced today that as of February 1, 2022, approximately 700 locations in Westbrook are now eligible for symmetrical Gigabit Internet service, one of the fastest Internet speeds available. These are the first locations to gain access to OTELCO’s build out of Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) Internet services in Westbrook, which will ultimately result in the construction of 80 miles of fiber network to serve approximately 7,200 locations in town. Interested residents can visit to… Read more »

OTELCO High Speed Fiber Network Offering Service to 2,200 Locations in Windham

OTELCO has completed its Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) network in Windham. The project is part of a larger expansion the company currently has underway in 18 Maine towns and cities. Approximately 2,200 locations in Windham are eligible for service offering residential speeds up to 1 Gigbit per second and customizable speeds for businesses. The OTELCO customer service team began processing the first orders on October 28th, and the first installations were completed on Monday,… Read more »

Initial 6 miles of Old Town Orono Fiber Corporation high-speed Fiber Internet Network now in service

The Old Town Orono Fiber Corporation (OTO Fiber) vision for high-speed fiber Internet is taking shape. On October 26th, the first six miles of the network were activated, making service available to approximately 400 locations. OTO Fiber constructed the 6-mile pilot portion of the network (a map of the buildout is included at the end of this release) with a combination of funding from the 2 communities and a grant from the Northern Border Regional… Read more »

OTELCO Expanding Lightwave Fiber Internet to 18,700 locations in Etowah and Jefferson Counties

OTELCO, a telecommunications provider serving areas of Maine, Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri, Vermont and West Virginia, is bringing improved broadband connectivity with its Lightwave Fiber Internet to portions of Etowah and Jefferson Counties in Alabama. In addition to a $1.2 million investment in Gigabit Internet in Morgan City, OTELCO has announced that it will construct more than 200 additional miles of Fiber-to-the-Premise network that will result in the availability of symmetrical Gigabit Internet to approximately 18,700… Read more »

OTELCO High-speed Fiber Internet Well on Its Way to Morgan City

OTELCO, a telecommunications provider serving areas of Maine, Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri, Vermont, and West Virginia, is well into the construction of high-speed fiber internet to portions of Morgan City, AL. OTELCO is investing $1.2 million to construct a network to deliver Gigabit Internet to approximately 1,200 locations. The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Advancement’s (ADECA) Broadband Accessibility Fund (ABAF) provided a grant of approximately $620,000 to support this project.   As of this printing,… Read more »