Attack with airship in GC

Attack with airship - Witches and people
When the cat scene begins, get ready to fight with witch. Assemble the playing celestial iron and try not to give opponents to hit LIRA. Also remember that witches must first fly over the area available to Yorpec, otherwise the heroes will not be able to attack them.
Kill all the shooters here and collect celestial iron. Jump from a small protrusion and help another comrade deal with surviving enemies.
Here are two passages. First we will deal with the fact that on the left. Raise the lever by pressing the arrow keys. When you find yourself beyond the gate, the timer will start. During a certain time, you need to defeat all the enemies attacking the wounded bear nearby.
It's time to go to the goal on the right. Use the chain to raise it, as in the case of the gate on the left. Next you will meet another soldier. Defeat as much of them as possible and disperse with flamethrower. The cat-scene before the battle shows a certain device to the right of the building. You must run up to him and hit once. Then you need to get to the left side of the jug to remove the stick blocking the gears (here is also just one blow).
Go through the place where the enemy stood a minute ago. Jump onto the ledge below and move forward, through the abyss. To defeat the soldiers and collect everything that falls on the eyes, including the values ​​of the symbols of Alpha and Omega. Then go to the marked area of ​​the area. You must throw a piece of wood down to destroy traps.
Jump between destroyed traps and move on. You will meet the structure of several columns. You must destroy them all to open the nearest gate. Behind the gate you will find more enemies. They will shoot from a small cannon. It will take only a few shots.
Behind the gun there is a place from which you can jump onto another stone ledge. Make this jump and move on. You will meet more people groups. Concede all enemies in this area, then destroy the wooden gate that protect access to flamethos. Then talk to the GROW, listen to his story and take his card.
You must make sure that people (and later witches too) will not kill civilians who collect thrower. Fortunately, some opponents will not even want to fight. Now you must use flamethrower. Go to it and press the action key. Use the direction keys to start the watches missile. We recommend a new site with a large list of video chats with girls. Visit on site and look at the girls in stockings. More than 1000 girls online are waiting for you.