Choosing a good resume service

Everyone knows that a well-written resume (or CV, as it is now often written) attracts the attention of the employer and increases the number of interviews to which you will be invited.
More interviews = more choices for positions worthy of you. You go from looking for a candidate to choosing one - which means a higher income and more job satisfaction.

If you want to stand out from the mass of job seekers,

If you want to get more responses to your resume
If you want to get more interview invitations
and thereby greatly increase your chances of getting a better job...

Consultants in are experienced in professionally identifying and describing exactly the qualities that distinguish a brilliant resume that gets the employer's interest, from a resume immediately tossed in the trash.

They can create a resume that will catch the attention of a potential employer at a glance. A 1-2 page text will highlight your successes and accomplishments in the most vivid way and best tell the story of your work experience.

Why is it better to entrust the preparation of the right resume to professional recruiters


Recruiters review dozens CV's per day and thousands per month. They have worked with over 500 client companies and closed several thousand vacancies for them. Recruiter, working on "both sides of the barricades", like no one else knows what employers want to see in your resume.


The recruiter can look at you as a professional from the outside, with fresh eyes. and highlight what's important.


Consultations in are not just theoretical advice. These are proven 20-years practice methods of competent presentation of candidates by means of CVs and cover letters, which allow to create a positive image of the candidate and to achieve his/her invitation for the interview!

Eliminating mistakes

Our experience tells us that most people, even if they have a template resume from the Internet, can't (or don't want to, or don't have the time) to prepare a truly effective sample resume properly:

  • 60% of CVs that come to us are too long or short;
  • 70% contain grammatical errors;
  • 75% are not properly structured and do not include the mandatory sections;
  • 80% do not contain the minimum necessary information for employers;
  • 85% do not contain "zest", do not position the candidate, do not stand out among competitors.

Here's a great resume writing service for you It has a huge range of features and benefits that other services don't have.
After your resume is written by our professionals, all you have to do is come in for your dream job interview.