Correct analysis of the change in ratios

Let's look at how to correctly use odds comparisons at the BC:

- Overloading on underdogs in unpopular championships. Users rarely bet plus handicaps on underdogs for no apparent reason. This is often due to insider knowledge, e.g. of a match-fixing nature or the coach's wish to field a second team. Experienced bettors recommend listening to the opinion of other users and also in such situations to play from the underdog. This methodology allows you to find valuables without wasting time analyzing matches.
- Prolonging a draw in football. If the odds are down on a draw, you don't have to give in to the crowd's opinion. It is better in such situations to bet on the total less. Draws are more often than not low-scoring, i.e. 0-0 or 1-1. That is why a conditional Tm2.5 looks safer than a draw. The outcome of the match may be decided by a random goal in the end. However, it is better not to bet on the German, Dutch and English championships. There, the teams score a lot and draws are not uncommon.

Also we have to underline the situations, where no betting is advisable:

- Overloading on an outcome with a probability higher than 90%, e.g. clear favourites. Often after opening the line most bettors start betting on the obvious option, even if with odds in the region of 1.20-1.30. By the start of the match the odds can drop to 1.10-1.15. Betting even on the clear favourites with such odds is not profitable, it will lead to losses over a long distance.
- The constant oscillation of quotes in different directions. This happens most often in unpopular championships. Match-fixing matches are not uncommon there. It is too risky to bet, because sometimes the result does not depend on the players' condition, but on how the clubs' managers manage to agree with each other.

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