Cosplayer costume with his own hands

Cosplay is a new fashion hobby that came from Japan and in a few years has taken over the entire globe. Its essence is to act out characters from anime, cartoons, comics, movies and even real people: singers, actors, politicians and so on. The degree of complexity of the costume, details and image depends on how to make cosplay at home. Some cosplay models earn their living by their creativity, for others it is just a hobby. There are many themed festivals and communities where you can show your cosplay or discuss someone else's.

How to make cosplay

There are several components required for quality cosplay: hair or wig, makeup, costume, accessories, and wagering. Most cosplayers, including professional cosplayers, do cosplay at home by themselves or around friends. It is a very interesting hobby that requires a lot of time, attention, effort and sincere love. Characters come in all sorts of complexity: from incredible space aliens combat medic ziegler, which only professionals can handle, to ordinary schoolchildren. Choosing who to cosplay for a girl or a guy is easy enough.


How to make a cosplay hairstyle? More often than not, wigs, rather than hairstyles made of live hair, are used. An advanced experienced cosplayer can accumulate a lot of them over the years - each for a different character, or even more than one. There are several reasons why experienced cosplayers choose wigs:

  • The wig is more practical. The hairs on it are thicker than live hair, they don't break out, they have rich color, they shine, and they look more "cartoonish." This is good, because to do an anime cosplay is to turn into a cartoon character.
  • Natural hair can get "out of control." The wig won't get mussed by the wind, the hair won't frizz or clump from humidity.
  • Not all hairstyles can be done on live hair. For example, many characters have unnatural hair color or length that differs from the cosplayer's hair length. Sometimes it is not possible to grow hair exactly the same length as the characters, nor is it always possible to style natural hair in a complex hairstyle. Some wigs are sold already styled specifically for the characters.
  • Taking Care of Your Hair. If your hair is cut or dyed to suit each character, it will quickly become thin, brittle, and lifeless.