OTELCO High Speed Fiber Network Offering Service to 2,200 Locations in Windham

OTELCO has completed its Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) network in Windham. The project is part of a larger expansion the company currently has underway in 18 Maine towns and cities.

Approximately 2,200 locations in Windham are eligible for service offering residential speeds up to 1 Gigbit per second and customizable speeds for businesses. The OTELCO customer service team began processing the first orders on October 28th, and the first installations were completed on Monday, November 1.

“We’re so pleased to begin serving customers in Windham,” commented VP of Marketing, Trevor Jones. “I know that those who subscribe will be thrilled with the performance of our high-speed fiber Internet. We’re already hearing from them on social media.”

One new subscriber who wasn’t even connected yet was so excited about having a new choice in providers, he posted the following to the Windham Community Facebook page:

“Following up on an older post about Otelco fiber optic coming to North Windham. I was notified this morning that the service went active yesterday. I have Spectrum (about to be had Spectrum) at $74.99 a month for 100 down / 20 up. Otelco is offering 150 down and up for $59.99 for the first year and then $69.99 on. Their 500 down and 500 up is $69.99 starting and then $79.99. 1000 down and 1000 up is $79.99 a month starting then $89.99. Some crazy speed for decent prices. Line drop to the house is tomorrow and install is Monday. Just thought I would let people know.”

In addition to the product offerings that were shared in this Facebook post, OTELCO also offers service to businesses with a 100 Mbps basic package at $99.95 that allows for up to 2 added phone lines with unlimited long distance for $20 each. For larger businesses or those with more complex needs, the OTELCO B-to-B sales team is happy to consult to develop customized solutions to meet the individual needs of any company.

In all, OTELCO is building Fiber to the Premise to approximately 2,200 locations in Windham. The company has an interactive map to help Windham residents see if their location is part of the build and view updates about the project. Visit https://www.otelco.com/lp/fiber-internet-windham/ to learn more and register to be among the first to get connected when the network is complete. All Windham residents are encouraged to register even if they are not part of the initial project area. Coverage may be expanded if there is an overwhelming response.

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