How The Egg Got So Famous And Got So Many Instagram Likes

The whole egg picture breaking the Internet was crazy. In the first instance, any third person will have the impression that it’s just one of the many stupid incidents on social media that are absolutely unreasonable and aren’t supposed to make sense. That would make sense as multiple interviews with the owner of the account Chris Godfrey and the two friends that assisted him in the act state that they are completely unaware of how the post reached the epitome of popularity overnight. However, people often overlook the fact that this task was achieved by a trio of marketing professionals which can’t be passed off as mere coincidence.

What people would brush off as mere luck or coincidence, experts see as a masterstroke of marketing. Multiple theories have been formulated as to how Instagram marketing was carried out and what methods were used and which of them actually worked. However, after summarising and analyzing all of that it all comes down to a few factors.

The Whole Story

Initially the picture was stuck at around 8000 Instagram likes till the weekdays. During the weekend the so-called ‘magic’ happened and the post started to blow up the internet. However, experts noticed how it was done. The picture was of an egg. This is considered to be a smart move because an egg is not religious or racial or caste-related. This simplicity is the key to the likability of the egg. After posting the picture various well recognised Instagram celebrities were supposedly asked to like the picture as part of deals and endorsements. This affected the Instagram algorithm immensely, the visibility increased and it was the major reason behind the popularity of the post.

The tip to be noted is that people buy Instagram likes, for making things popular over the platform.

Ishan Goel a marketing expert also associated the picture intended to break the world record of 18 million Instagram likes on Kylie Jenner’s post with her child. The Kardashian family is famous firstly, due to their fan base and secondly the people that disapprove of them. Either way, they are well-known and Kylie Jenner was exactly the kind of bait that would hook people up. The post was made with an intention to show that nobodies can defeat celebrities and most people get subconsciously influenced by that. Thus, began the tale of the egg and rise of the ‘#egggang’ and the showering of Instagram likes.

The picture also added tags of various celebrities to become more visible on Instagram. When normally people tag celebrities it hardly seems to make any difference to us. However, it does its work behind the stage. And in reality, that’s how the bought likes help. They create a nice image in front of organic viewers.

Various endorsements and deals have been suspected to be made. In the sense that various well-known accounts put the account name ‘@world_record_egg” as their bio and started using the hashtag ‘egg-gang’.

After the whole strategy worked out, the rest of it was a cake-walk. With such vast popularity and visibility, it was only a matter of time that people started liking it out of an inherent FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). That, ladies and gentlemen, is how we got a simple egg to break the world record.