IP - Configuring a Router to Use a Read-Only File System (ORAP)

Want to configure IP into your router? The last thing you want to remember when configuring the router is to make sure that you enter the IP of your router into the field for the DNS server on the Internet site of the connection. You have to enter the IP address of the wireless router into this field and then click Save when you are done entering it. When the connection is established, your username and password should be recorded correctly.


How To Configure Router With IP

The router has a very basic configuration file, and to change anything in this file, you will need to edit the command line for your modem in order to configure your router with IP

  1. The router configuration page can be found in your system tray at the bottom of the screen and can be found by clicking on your computer's clock icon. If you do not see it, you can right-click on your computer and select "Settings."
  2.  Look for your modem in the options and choose "internet browser" in the drop-down menu that appears. The router that we use for our demo labs has a very simple menu option; we will only need to look for the "Network" tab.
  3. If you see the IP address in the IP field, you have completed step two on our quick start installation. 
  4. To continue, we will set up the username for the network. 
  5. Right-click on your router and click "UCI." In the "UCI" dialog box, type "administrator" and click OK. (You may have to modify your username from the usual "root" or "wheelchair" if you are using a wireless router.)
  6.  When you are finished, you should be able to see the administrator panel on the left-hand side of your screen.
  7. We have now entered the user account for your router in the configuration utility, but we are not done yet. Before you can change anything else in this area, you must click on the "reset" button on the administrative interface. This reset button will cause your router to reboot, effectively starting a clean slate so that you can access your Internet again.
  8. We have completed our first task as an administrator by resetting our router using the "UCI" command. The next step is to change the password by clicking on the "picker" icon and choosing "New". Enter a unique username and a password. Again, make sure that you enter a strong password that cannot be easily guessed. Click "OK".
  9. The last step is to save your changes by clicking on the "save" button on the "UCI" configuration utility. Then, reboot your computer to finish the rest of the steps. At this point, your router setup is complete. You can access your Internet connection just like you did before your reset.
  10. The next step is to test your network security by enabling Access authorization. To do this, log onto your router and make sure that the "DHCP enabled" radio buttons are turned on. You can see your IP address  in the status area if necessary.


If you don't see an IP address in the status area, then either your router or cable modem has been configured with a static IP address, which will prevent the wireless connection from transmitting to your laptop. Next is to edit your wireless settings. To do this, open the "Wireless internet settings" screen. There you can set the password, enter your default username, and your new IP address Once you are done, you can now connect your laptop to the Internet without fear of a hacker's attack.