East furniture in the interior of the room

Everyone wants to make harmony and comfort in their lives and a house. That is why many attracts an oriental style, which is very different from Western culture. Eastern religion and beliefs left their mark on the whole style and design of home decoration, in particular, it concerns furniture. Fashion East is divided into two categories - this is Asian and Arabic.

The main differences in Eastern furniture, it does not matter what category it treats is the almost complete absence of legs, the whole design is low, and there are no chairs and chairs in many houses of the East. Basically, all tea ceremonies and meals pass while sitting knees. Throughout the entire time, the furniture production of eastern countries, forms and style did not undergo a fundamental change.

Eastern furniture characterizes soft lines. The rich palette of paints, ornaments and patterns highlight ensembles against the rest of the rest. The headsets of the eastern countries will perfectly fit into any interior of your home. For the living room, squat sofas with low magazine tables made of wood are remarkably suitable. Upholstered furniture is inhabited by a very bright cloth, on which Arabic or Asian motifs are often depicted.

The bedroom, the inhabitants of the eastern countries are uncomplicated - in the center there is a large bed on low legs, which adorns the Bedalchin. The entire remaining interior is complemented by a wooden chest with built-in cabinets, a wardrobe. Often the role of the chest is performing a chest. The material from which furniture is made - dark wood species, characterized by practicality. The main rule of the Eastern style is the simplicity and lightness of the forms, the predominance of minimalism in everything, there is nothing superfluous, then at the same time every thing is multifunctional.

Special attention is always paid to the details. For decoration, it is good to use large outdoor vases, bright pillows, various compositions from bamboo, the wall is usually decorated with a lap (a large bright fan). Alternatively, scores and partitions inherent in Eastern Ukraine are chosen as decor.

No less bright and interesting looks kitchen in the eastern interior. The main feature that distinguishes such a kitchen from others is the presence of elements that are harmoniously combined with each other. Materials are used only in natural origin, first of all, of course, the tree is also particularly popular, artificially aged. Oriental cuisine is drawn up in bright colors. The kitchen interior should be very comfortable and practical, everyone should be at hand. The main focus is made that the cooking process should take at least a time.

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