OTELCO’s Efforts to Expand Broadband Access in Missouri Featured in ‘Missourian’ Special Report

i-Land employee Bill Wyatte lays Cat 5 cables during an installation at business in rural Missouri. Photo credit: Whitney Matewe/Missourian

i-Land, OTELCO’s fixed wireless Internet service provider in Missouri, was recently featured in an article on the impact limited broadband availability has on rural Missouri business owners.

The article describes in detail the challenges faced by business owners in Hickory County, Missouri caused by a lack of widely-available rural broadband. The piece is part of a larger special report on Missouri’s lack of reliable rural broadband coverage.

Business owners Larry and Cindy Lightfoot tell The Missourian that they made the switch to i-Land due to issues with the area’s main broadband provider, chiefly a lack of speed and reliability. “It will help my business, help me to better serve my customers,” added Larry Lightfoot.

OTELCO is currently working to expand i-Land coverage in the area so that more business owners and residential customers can take advantage of the service.

To read the full piece on the Missourian website, click here.

Please note that i-Land will soon be rebranded to OELCO along with the rest of our family of companies.

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