OTELCO announces transitions in leadership with employee promotions

OTLECO is pleased to announce several employee promotions.

David Allen has been named Vice President of Network Operations. Allen is responsible for ensuring the alignment of OTELCO’s network-related operations to meet network build out and improvement objectives. Allen came to OTELCO two years ago with over 20 years of experience building and managing networks and running technical operations. During his time with OTELCO, he has focused on streamlining operations, improving reliability and modernizing the OTELCO network. He is a resident of Biddeford.

OTELCO General Counsel Trina Bragdon has been named Vice President of Human Resources and Regulatory Affairs. In this role, Bragdon will lead a renewed focus on human resources, including both managerial and employee development and training. Bragdon came to OTELCO from the Maine Public Utilities Commission where she was Director of Telecommunications Policy and a Hearing Examiner. Prior to that, she practiced in the litigation department of Saul Ewing in Philadelphia, PA. Since joining OTELCO, Bragdon has filled a variety of roles, ranging from Director of Project Management, to Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, and ultimately to General Counsel in 2012. She is a resident of Brewer.

Carol Grover has been named Senior Director of Billing. Grover began her career at OTELCO 28 years ago as a CSR. Since that time she has managed ILEC and CLEC Customer Service, Dispatch, Provisioning, Wholesale, and worked as a project manager.