OTELCO invests in fiber optic technology to serve portions of Orwell and Cornwall

OTELCO has completed 2 network upgrade projects in its Shoreham service area.

In the Singing Cedars area of Orwell, the company upgraded the connection to its remote with fiber optic cable. The ‘remote’ is the junction point that distributes the Internet signal to the individual homes in the vicinity. This upgrade ensures that the signal is the fastest possible when distributed to the homes served by that remote. Subscribers served by what OTELCO calls the “Singing Cedars” remote will see better and much more stable connectivity. There are approximately 22 locations that benefit from this upgrade.

In West Cornwall, OTELCO improved its network with a 6 mile overbuild to deliver Fiber to the Premise to 75 homes. Overbuild simply means building over existing communication infrastructure with another technology, In this case fiber optic over copper.  This improvement will deliver Internet speeds beginning at 100 Mbps upload and download.

According to Jason Fuller, OTELCO’s Director of Outside Plant Engineering, the combined cost of the 2 projects was $ 197,500. “The cost to hang the fiber on the poles can be as much as $30,000 per mile, so any investment in fiber projects like this is pretty significant.” These 2 projects combined included a total of nearly 10 miles of fiber.

Unlike the Singing Cedars improvements where customers will see the improvement automatically, residents in the area of the West Cornwall project will need to subscribe to Lightwave Fiber Internet.

“We recognize that the demand for fast reliable Internet is always increasing, and while it’s a challenge to make a business case to invest in sparsely populated areas, we are committed to the rural areas we serve and are working diligently to allocate the resources to do so,” commented Vice President of Customer Service and Marketing, Trevor Jones.

Jones noted that existing OTELCO customers in the West Cornwall build area were notified of the availability of Lightwave Fiber Internet, and that those who aren’t customers can visit otelco.com/lightwave to see if their location is served, or call Customer Care at 1-833-OTELCO-1.