OTELCO partners with VETRO FiberMap to offer customers easy method to check fiber broadband availability

OTELCO is pleased to announce a new collaboration with VETRO FiberMap, a Portland, Maine based GIS, and broadband mapping software company, to offer customers a quick solution for determining if Lightwave Fiber-optic Internet is available in their area. The technology will also enable OTELCO to identify rural areas across its multi-state footprint where the demand for fiber broadband is increasing, which will help inform their development and marketing efforts.

VETRO FiberMap provides a unique combination of fiber network engineering, planning, and marketing tools in one unified map-based platform. Customers can visit a simple website and check their address to see if Lightwave fiber is available, under construction, or planned on their street.

“This tool offers a real-time illustration of where we have fiber available and makes it easy for users to see if they’re in an eligible location.  As we commission more fiber infrastructure, our engineering team will update the maps with new eligible addresses,” said Tracy Scheckel, Marketing & Public Relations Manager for OTELCO.

VETRO FiberMap acts as an integration agent, bridging engineering with sales and marketing.  The system allows OTELCO’s engineering team to see new subscriber interest in real-time while providing network buildout and availability to the marketing and sales teams and to customers. VETRO FiberMap is designed to help determine a smart approach to fiber build-out while driving operational efficiency, transparency, and customer engagement.

“This technology is a game-changer for us in terms of understanding exactly which neighborhoods, by street address, are requesting fiber broadband expansion. By fully integrating the map with our marketing automation software, we can keep in touch with interested customers and nurture their relationship with the OTELCO brand,” Scheckel explained.

“We work closely with broadband providers to deliver transparency inside and outside the organization about current and potential fiber build projects,” said Will Mitchell, CEO of VETRO FiberMap. “Our platform will help OTELCO connect with its customers, and vice versa, offering a simple way for customers to check availability where they are, and guiding OTELCO’s development into areas where interest is highest.”

OTELCO remains dedicated to building fiber to the home networks in rural communities and will use VETRO FiberMap to further that mission. Customers can check availability at their address here.