The Maine School and Library Network Deserves Broad Support

By Trevor Jones This article originally appeared in the Portland Press Herald. Even people who are most concerned about the state of broadband Internet access across Maine agree that high speed access for our state’s schools and libraries is a bright spot, thanks to the Maine Schools and Library Network or MSLN. In fact, a 2015 study by the nonprofit advocacy group EducationSuperHighway ranked Maine 5th in the nation in providing broadband access to schools,… Read more »

OTELCO Selected as ISP for LeverettNet Gigabit Fiber Network

LeverettNet, a successful municipal owned broadband network in Leverett, Massachusetts has selected OTELCO, a Division of Otelco Inc. as the sole provider of voice and data services to their customers.  OTELCO is a family of six companies that have been providing telephone service since the late 1800s in 4 states including Maine, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Vermont.  In addition to telecommunication services, OTELCO offers a full suite of business solutions and high speed Internet to… Read more »

OTELCO Hosts Free Computer Classes in Shoreham, VT

As part of our commitment to bridge the digital divide through digital literacy training, OTELCO is underwriting adult education through “Computers at the Library” computer classes at Platt Memorial Library in Shoreham. The Very, Very Basics is being offered on Monday, December 5th from 7 – 8:30 pm. This very basics class covers parts and process, mystifying computer vocabulary, basic mouse skills, and a basic understanding of safe computer usage. Internet and Email will be… Read more »

3 Ways to Start Connecting Rural Maine to the High-speed Internet it Needs

People and businesses in rural western and northern Maine were pretty sure they were never going to see the latest communications technology arrive in their communities if they waited for the dominant telephone company to invest in low-return areas. Not wanting to be left behind, they started looking out for their own interests. That story describes Mainers of the 1890s fighting to bring the first telephone service to their communities — and Mainers today fighting… Read more »

OTELCO Protects Customers from DDoS Attacks

Implements Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System for Proactive Protection against DDoS Attacks New Gloucester, ME – May 24, 2016 – OTELCO, a premier communications provider delivering managed services as well as a full spectrum of phone and data services to business and residential customers, has taken further action to better protect its customers from the ramifications of DDoS attacks.  DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks, are rampant across the Internet and making headlines regularly…. Read more »