Work with players in FIFA

Work with players
Contract extension
In the first detachment there must be at least 18 players. Below is this, your team is incomplete, and you cannot play any matches. This means that the opponent will win care. Take care of the team and extend several contracts. If you forget, the board nourges you to this.
Alerts "Treaty" in the menu informs about contracts expiring in the coming months. Analyze what a player plays the main role in the main composition, and extend the contract with him. Please note that a new offer should be more attractive.
Now let's check the players' contracts. Select one player and click "Extend the Contract". Now you should see new conditions: the number of years of re-subscription, the player's salary for the game, bonuses (for scored goals, clean sheet, etc.). There is a chance that the footballer will not extend the contract with the club. If you want to keep the best players, offer them more favorable financial conditions.
You will see the progress of player skills in the player's growth menu. Pay attention to the forecast for the next 5 years. Senior players tend to lose some skills in the next seasons. Younger players get gaming experience and general development. If you send a player to the reserve, his martial spirit will fall, and the results of workouts may be worse than it was supposed. Skills will grow thanks to a good game in matches. After the match you can check the experience of each player.
Click on the player's growth. Now you can notice any description. Find out that one of the players still have the potential to become a good football player.
Buying, selling and renting players - typical actions taken to strengthen your team. If you want to buy a player, go to the Transfers menu, then the Transfer Market.
Blue arrow means you can buy this player. Offers with yellow arrows are loans. We can use the "Search" and "Search by name" options to find the right player. Now let's try to make an offer.
Successful negotiations depend on our negotiator and player's combat spirit. He can leave the previous club, if he wants. Contract details:
Status - Do you want to buy or lend a player?
Translation Commission - Cash paid by the player.
The term of the contract is to determine how long the football player will play for you. I propose not to sign players for more than 3 years.
# Of Bids - the number of suggestions to achieve our goal.
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