Update: May 17th Phone Network Outage

The OTELCO team is committed to providing our customers with reliable communications services. However, we experienced a significant service interruption for many of our customers today, May 17th. Although service is now fully restored, we felt it was important to post this summary of today’s problem in an effort to keep everyone informed.

Beginning at 11:14 AM on May 17, OTELCO experienced a telephone network outage impacting customers in much of our Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts service areas. Service was restored at approximately 2:00 PM. At approximately 2:50 PM, we received reports of problems completing calls to toll free numbers, these problems were resolved and service was fully restored at 3:45 PM, and has remained stable as of the time of this post (6:59 PM).

A network loop occurred on the internal soft switch core network. This issue caused a failure of any node-to-node as well as any cluster-to-cluster communications across the entire switch fabric. Engineers are still investigating the cause of the initial loop condition. Several network elements had to be re-initialized to restore and stabilize services. Customers who have requested a Reason For Outage (RFO) report will receive a final update when this analysis is complete.

We apologize for the disruption caused by this incident.