Webinar Software Features to Look For

A webinar is a combination of the words seminar and web. It is basically a web-based digital or internet seminar! As you may guess, webinar software is anything that allows you to conduct online virtual conferences, meet with guests and colleagues, or even showcase presentations and lectures. It is essentially a tool that allows you to hold virtual meetings, presentations, and lectures over the internet. In the last ten years, the number of businesses using webinars as their main marketing strategy has increased dramatically. Businesses have discovered that webinars are an excellent way to interact with potential and current customers, and they can also help them boost their reputation and customer retention.

Webinar Software

Webinar Software - Planning A Webinar

So how do you plan a webinar that will have those who attend wanting more? You need to think about how many employees or contractors you have, how many clients or customers do you have on your books, and how many people you think would be interested in coming to a business like yours. Once you have a rough idea of how many people you are expecting, you can start planning your webinar software strategy. For example, if your business consists of two hundred employees, you would need a webinar software solution that can allow you to hold five hundred or more webinars. That is quite a bit of webinars, which would require a lot of software to support.

One of the most popular types of webinar software allows the presenter of the session to actually transmit live events live to the attendees of the meeting. With the right tool, a presenter can actually "attend" a webinar even if they are not physically at the event. Many times webinar software allows attendees to view a feed of the presenter's presentation as it happens. In this manner, attendees are not only able to see the presenter's presentation live, but they are also able to hear it as it goes on.

Video Conferencing With Webinar Software

Another type of best webinar software has to do with video conferencing. This technology can help a business to accomplish several goals. One goal would be to have local participants teleconference with distant attendees. With video conferencing, people who may be a long-distance away could see each other in real-time. Businesses could also use video conferencing to introduce new staff members to other members of their organization. It makes for very Companies that host webinars that can help their customers achieve several goals. For example, if a company wants to increase the number of leads it has on hand, hosting webinars can help a business to introduce new products to its audience.

Some webinar software also has features that are similar to live events. These features include automatically saving the user's info on a website or in a spreadsheet. The best webinar software allows the user to invite guests through email and to set up contact lists. The customer could also set up a progress reporting system that he or she can use to keep track of what is happening with the live events.

Customer Services

In addition to the features mentioned above, another aspect of webinar software to look for is the customer support services it offers. If a business is hosting one-time events, it might not be necessary to have customer support available all the time. However, many businesses that offer webinars realize that some customers aren't always ready to attend a live event until the next one is scheduled. For this reason, it is important to find a webinar host that offers an option to upgrade the customer support event anytime. If a user has difficulties with a certain aspect of his or her event, he or she should be able to get in touch with someone in the customer support department to make the problem easier to fix.


There are other elements of webinar software that are important to look for as well. One of these is support for multi-tasking. Many webinar hosts offer attendees the ability to multi-task. Attendees can log into the event from their cell phones, click on various links, and stream the video to their laptops. In order to accommodate these different types of users, a webinar software provider should be able to create a space on their site where different programs can be run simultaneously.