Why You Should Use GB Whatsapp?

Probably the most widely used GB Whatsapp features are those that enable you to hide various kinds of personal information in your WhatsApp profile activity. With this app, you can completely hide all messages and information that are sent or received by you. With this feature, even if you have the best security protection set up on your smartphone, there is no way that someone will be able to take a peek at your personal life.

GB Whatsapp

Why Should You Use GB Whatsapp

There are several ways in which you can keep your communications safe from others. 

  1. The first and simplest way is by using GB Whatsapp but this method cannot be used on the majority of the applications because it limits your ability to use the internet services on your smartphone. The GB Whatsapp app, allows you to use the internet and all the apps and features available on your phone by hiding these from the public or those who are not using GB Whatsapp. With the ability to access these features on the go, you no longer need to worry about your private and confidential information becoming public knowledge.
  2. One of the many ways that you can stay private is by setting up different groups. You can create as many groups as you want and when you have a large number of people who are not part of your group, they are unable to view your personal information or the contents of the discussions that are taking place in these groups. This makes for a better browsing experience for everyone when they are looking for something specific and want to find it quickly.
  3.  There are several different apps on the market that enable you to create your GB Whatsapp groups and share your conversations with the rest of your friends and family. These are modeled on the traditional chat systems that are used and provide similar functionality including allowing you to view the other messages that have been sent out to anyone in your contact list.
  4. There are also several different modeled security features that are used by the best of WhatsApp providers. One of these features in GB Whatsapp is known as the extended features feature or seepage. This allows you to be able to send different kinds of multimedia and photos to people you are not connected to directly. This is one of the most sought-after types of features because you can maintain the privacy of your communications even more and have access to several different features at the same time. 
  5. You are also able to block any person on GB Whatsapp from sending you any particular kind of multimedia or photo based on their IP address, username, and other data that are available to them.

GB Whatsapp - The Features Of This App

  1. The security measure that is used for a GB Whatsapp is called the Last Seen module. It is similar to the Last Known Window which enables you to see what your last seen messages said. This is one of the greatest benefits that GB Whatsapp has to offer especially for those people who use a lot of images and want to make sure that they are safe while sending them out. This also allows you to see who the last seen images belong to and even whether they are who they claim to be. This Last Seen module on GB Whatsapp also allows you to remove people from your contacts list if you feel like they are being malicious towards you.
  2. The next feature in GB Whatsapp is the Custom Themes service. This is another feature in GB Whatsapp that uses to allows you to have a choice of different kinds of themes that can be applied to your mobile. Some are very light themes that are only applied to the status bar while others are full of colors and graphics that can make your device look attractive. Themes are one of the easiest ways to personalize your device and give it a unique look.
  3. The next feature that GB Whatsapp offers is the double tick setting. This is similar to the second tick setting that most other apps have. It allows you to tick one icon twice in quick succession so that your contact details will appear more frequently than just once. Some people may feel that having double tick settings for their contacts is a little bit too much and invasive. With the BB4 system that this application uses, however, this double tick setting is practically undetectable so that your contacts do not get spammed whenever you run this application.


The last thing that this modded app has to offer is the syncing of contacts. You can synchronize your entire contacts from your GB Whatsapp server to your mobile through this modded app. You do not have to worry about syncing since it is done automatically with the push of a single button. It means that you will always have the latest list of your friend's mobile numbers with you. It is just a matter of looking at their phone to see what you want without having to get up from where you are sitting.