Yachting - classification and types of sailing vessels


Sailing, Yachting, Sailing is an active water sport in which athletes compete by using sailing equipment installed mainly on yachts. The greatest development in sailing was in those countries where the sport was convenient to engage in because of its geographical location. Yachting was born in the Netherlands in the XVI century. The word "jaght" (probably formed from "chase", "pursue") was first mentioned in the Dutch-Latin dictionary in 1599.

Sailing as a leisure activity

Besides sailing itself, there is also a wider notion of yachting, which can be characterized as sailing tourism, because in most cases it no longer bears a direct competitive component, but refers more to leisure activities.

Yachting implies a wide complex of actions: choice of boat (its purchase or lease), determination of yachting direction and route, leisure related to the boat (bathing in the sea, diving, water skiing, fishing, etc.), desirable but not obligatory mastering of boat management skills. For tourism purposes, yachting as a crew member or a vessel's tenant is possible.

There is a large list of yachting destinations each of which is characterized by its own nuances, for example, climatic peculiarities, sights, itineraries, number of marinas, etc.

Yachting is possible on all kinds of yachts: sailing, motor, gulet, sailing-motor catamarans. All these types of yachts can be designed by the ship design company.

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