Making the OTELCO Customer Care Team More Accessible Online

Making the OTELCO Customer Care Team More Accessible Online: A graphic of a man coming out of a computer with chat bubbles around him.We are making our OTELCO Customer Care Team more accessible; you will now be able to work with customer service and tech support directly through Facebook messenger and the OTELCO website. To make sure you reach the customer care team member best equipped to help, we will be asking a few questions upfront. These new changes will go into effect next week on Monday, August 3rd.

The OTELCO Customer Care Team

OTELCO’s Customer Care Team consists of two departments:

  • Customer Service: for billing, service availability, residential product inquiries, and questions about company policy or operations.
  • Technical Support: trained to help you with connection troubles, outages, and any technical issues, like password, resets or device set up.

In the past, technical support had an onsite chat feature, but customer service was only available over the phone, by email, or the contact us form on the website. Additionally, neither department was available through Facebook.  Now, you will be able to interact with both groups directly through our website and Facebook messenger.

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Getting Customers to the Right Team Member

When you enter a chat, either on our website or through Facebook messenger, you will be asked a few questions upfront. The reason for this is two-fold: first and foremost, these questions are used to assign your message to the right customer care team member. However, they serve a second purpose in that they provide our agents with the information they need to answer your inquiry. Some questions will require you to click on your answer, and with others, you will need to type your response.

Questions will vary depending on your reason for reaching out. These are some of the things we will be asking for:

  • The reason you are reaching out so we can direct you to the right customer care department
  • Your email address so that we can reach back out if the chat is disconnected
  • The state your service is in;, whenever possible, we will connect you to an agent nearby
  • Your address, to determine service availability, or in the case that you are reporting an outage, to pinpoint the troubled area

We ask that you answer questions as clearly as possible. False answers or attempts to bypass the system will inevitably delay your message from reaching an agent and can even result in undelivered messages.

Making the OTELCO Customer Care Team More Accessible Online: Example of OTELCO's new onsite chat feature.

An example of OTELCO’s new onsite chat feature.


The OTELCO Customer Care Team will do all they can to answer your questions online but protecting the privacy of our customers is always our priority. Should a conversation pose a risk to your personal information, we will ask for a phone number so we can move the conversation offline to protect your privacy.

Here are some examples of why we would need to move a conversation offline:

  • Passwords, security questions, pins, or social security numbers need to be confirmed
  • Payment information needs to be shared
  • A tech visit needs to be scheduled

Please remember never to share your passwords, social security number, or payment information over chat, with us or any other institution.

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Hours of Operation

Tech support will be available 24/7, but from time to time will need to prioritize call volume ahead of chat. Customer service is available during business hours, Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm (EST). Outside of those times, it is still important to answer all the questions, so that a team member can reach you once they become available.

Getting Started

We can’t wait to start chatting with you online! There will be some minor downtime as we convert to our new chat feature on the morning of Monday, August 3rd, beginning at 6:00 am. The downtime will be brief, and our customer care team will still be available over the phone and email during this time. If you have any questions or concerns about this new system, please reach out to the webmaster through our online contact form.

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