OTELCO SiteLink: A Benefits Analysis by Sales Engineer Ian Brasslett

SiteLink is OTELCO’s premier networking solution, designed to streamline efficiency for businesses with multiple offices. Through OTELCO’s cloud, SiteLink can tie together all of your workplaces into a single unified Local Area Network (LAN).  It provides the geographic capabilities of a Wide Area Network (WAN) but with the speed and security of a LAN.

SiteLink’s Key Benefits

There are many benefits to be had from employing OTELCO SiteLink. This week, OTELCO’s Sales engineer Ian Brasslett has highlighted the top five advantages organizations find most appealing about our original networking solution.


OTELCO’s technology allows you to be fully in control of all of your IP and subnet assignments for your internal networks. (Operating at Layer 2.) It also allows you to funnel all remote sites’ Internet traffic through SiteLink to the primary firewall at the corporate HQ.  Preventing remote locations from getting into compliance trouble.

Disaster Recovery

Replicating connectivity at another geographic location can ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. A simple disaster recovery configuration could be as easy as utilizing SiteLink to always share data between two sites. In the event that one site is unreachable, the alternate site takes over.


Geographically disparate offices can be connected as though they were serviced via the same LAN switch. This allows employees in different offices to interact as if they were in the same building.


OTELCO Clearstream QoS allows you to prioritize your traffic.  In conjunction with SiteLink, your prioritization is honored across the OTELCO cloud and delivered with the same prioritization at the far end. In contrast to a VPN, all of your sites are on a local Layer 2 network, drastically reducing the latency of any connections between sites.


Since NO SiteLink data passes over the public Internet, secure communications stay secure without having to add an extra layer of encryption to protect the data in transit. The funneling of all information through OTELCO’s secure network solution to the primary firewall also acts as an added level of security for all sensitive data.

SiteLink In Practice

To further illustrate the benefits of SiteLink, here are two real-life examples of how OTELCO customers use it:

  • An OTELCO SiteLink Deployment for a Major Maine Financial Institution with Multiple Locations: As one might guess, sensitive personal and financial information sharing is a primary function of any financial institution. SiteLink provides fast, reliable, and secure connectivity between multiple branches, allowing the company to provide seamless service to its customers.
  • A Non-Profit Social Services Agency: Also in Maine, this non-profit shares sensitive client information between 17 locations. Our product delivers security, data prioritization and low latency for all communication between sites, all of this without going over the public Internet.

Is SiteLink Right For You?

OTELCO SiteLink has been a useful tool for many of our customers, but other networking options may be a better fit for your business. To help you devise the best network solution OTELCO has created a comparison matrix. This matrix compares the benefits of LANs, WANs, and SiteLink across several different categories in an effort to simplify networking decisions.