From the Desk of OTELCO President and CEO, Rob Souza

It is 3 years this month since OTELCO President, Rob Souza accepted the appointment of CEO.  Rob has a long history with the OTELCO family of companies and began his tenure as CEO with a clear vision of where he wanted to lead the company.  This week, we hand over the reins of our blog to Rob.

Rob Souza OTELCODuring the 30 or so years that I have been with the company, I have had the opportunity to experience, from the ground up, the evolution of the 15 companies that today are part of the OTELCO brand.  If you’ve been a customer with us for a while, you have probably seen a series of company name changes.  Depending on where in our service area you are, you may remember Hopper Telecommunications; Blounstville, Brindlee Mountain, War, Pine Tree, Saco River, Granby, or Shoreham Telephone; maybe Mid Maine Telecom, OTT Communications, I-Land, Otelco Mid Missouri, Otelco Alabama, or Reliable Networks . 

Through my tenure with the company, I have come to understand that we have an incredible pool of knowledge and expertise throughout all of our footprints.  In addition to telecommunications and broadband, we have expertise in fixed wireless, cable TV, home security, Internet TV, and Cloud Computing and Managed Services.  From a geographical and climate perspective we serve rural areas in three distinctive regions of the country Alabama, Missouri, and New England. 

For many years the three regions of the company were managed somewhat individually.  My vision has been to unify those three regions in order to take better advantage of our diverse talent pool and to develop efficiencies in administrative processes.

By employing the same communication technology that we offer our customers, our staff in Alabama, Missouri, and New England is as connected from across the country as they would be from across the hall.  This has allowed us to reorganize our management team by discipline rather than by geography. Not only does this create efficiencies, it maximizes the benefit of that pool of knowledge and expertise.

In addition to the reorganization of staff, we will also be consolidating our billing system, order management, and other administrative functions across all footprints this spring.   In the next 6 weeks, we will fully launch our new company-wide website,

For right now, I am excited to introduce out new logo!

OTELCOI look forward to leading the OTELCO team as it continues to deliver the best communication solutions available, in our tradition of superior customer care; as we move forward and grow together.

–Rob Souza