Questions about our new name? An OTELCO rebrand Q+A

Last week, we announced that OTT Communications is now OTELCO. We know this might generate some questions. Here are a few anticipated questions you might have about our business, your services or contacting customer service. As always, if you have questions, we’re here for you!

Q: Does this change anything about my service (Internet or Phone?)

A: Neither your products nor your service will change, however, the name of a product or service may change as we work to unify the names of our products and services just as we did the company name. We will keep you posted in advance of product name changes via email, billing statements and social media announcements.

Q: Does this change how much I pay for service?

A: The rebrand will have no effect on pricing, however, in some cases other factors will come into play that may cause a slight change in pricing, including changes in our costs to purchase television content as well as state and federal regulation.

Q: Does this change how I pay my bill?

A: No, you can still pay your bill through the mail or online.  Please note that in late spring 2018, we will be upgrading our billing system, and although all of your current bill pay options will remain, you’ll have even more control over your account with us. More information on our billing system upgrade will be coming via future monthly billing statements.

Q: Does this change how I contact customer service for an outage/technical issue?

A: There is no change in how you contact Otelco for customer service, technical support, or an outage issue. Over time, as we bring teams together you’ll simply have more people working on resolving your issues. 

Q: Does this change the type of customer service I’ll receive?

We’ll still have the same local teams working in Alabama, Maine and Missouri, and your call will still go to that same group of people.  Beginning in the summer of 2018, these teams will back each other up during busy times and in the event of weather emergencies, so your call gets answered faster.  If anything your customer care experience will be improved thanks to this and other efficiencies we’re creating through this corporate unification.  Our combined customer care team will bring a broad base of experience and knowledge to all of our customer care operations.

Q: How does this name change affect any municipal broadband agreements?

A: If you are a customer through a municipal broadband network, fear not. Nothing about our municipal agreement is changing, and you’ll enjoy the same benefits as our other OTELCO subscribers.

Q: Does this impact my business communication solutions and cloud and managed services?

A: There will be no change to your business communication products and services. Our Cloud and Managed Security team from Reliable Networks will continue to serve you, now under the Otelco brand, as will our team of Strategic Account Managers, Account Executives, Sales Engineers and Hosted Specialists.  We’re simply one company now —  OTELCO.

Learn more about our rebranding process here.