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Smart Home and Safety from OTELCO

Home Automation from OTELCO propels safety and security into the 21st century. With state of the art security technology, including smart device compatibility and 24/7 professional monitoring, OTELCO can keep your home secure. Medical Alert options take the stress out of caring for the elderly and disabled, without the hefty cost of in-home care. OTELCO can even help you save on your energy bill, with new ways to control your lights, thermostat, and more.

Home Automation is the modern way to keep your home safe.

Home Security – Alabama
OTELCO Medical Alert – Alabama
OTELCO Smart Home Technology

Home Security-Alabama

Not only can OTELCO help protect your home from burglary, it can deter thieves before they even step foot on your property. According to a study done by the University of North Carolina, the majority of burglars were completely deterred from targeting a house if there was evidence of a security alarm system. By spending just a $1 a day you can protect your home, and your family from unmeasurable damages, as well as save 15% on Homeowner insurance.

  • Wireless door & window contacts
  • State of the art UL listed security system
  • 24/7 UL certified professional monitoring
  • Digital Keypad
  • Interior Siren
  • Control panel with battery back up
  • Key FOB for easy on/off activation
  • Lawn signs and window decals
  • An additional energy programming feature, to schedule lights, heat, and air.

Getting Started With OTELCO Security

An OTELCO security specialist will come to your home to help you design a security system that is ideal for you and your family. Next, one of our OTELCO technicians will come to your home to install your new system.

All you will need to power your new Home Security system is an internet connection, phone line, and power outlets.

OTELCO Medical Alert-Alabama

Fall detection - one place Internet and Aging connect.

Unlike “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” panic alerts, modern fall centers can detect and alert on a fall, even if the victim is incapacitated.

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving 9.3 million Americans find themselves taking care of aging parents. At OTELCO we know this is not an easy task, which is why we want to help ease the burden with our Medical Alert system.

  • At a push of our water-proof help button, your loved one will be connected to our 24/7 UL monitoring center.
  • If your loved one is unable to speak, the center will immediately follow your personalized emergency action plan.
  • If necessary, the monitoring center will contact emergency services, while continuing to stay on the line with your loved one.
  • The Medical Alert button has a long range, so it can work outside.
  • There is a backup battery in case of power outages.

OTELCO Medical Alert is a safe and affordable way to allow your parents the dignity of living independently.

Getting Started with OTELCO’s Medical Alert System

A member of our Medical Alert customer service will work with you and your loved one to explain how the system works, and to create your personalized emergency plan. All you will need to run your Medical Alert system is a phone line and power outlet.

OTELCO Smart Home Technology – New England

Today, a technology that was once only seen in Sci-Fi films, or in the homes of millionaires, is available to everyone. You can make phone calls from your smartwatch, order groceries from your virtual assistant, and now you can even have a smart home through Home Automation.

Home Automation allows you to stay connected to your home and family through your smart devices. Have you ever spent valuable time worrying that you forgot to lock your front door, or that you left all the lights on? Home Automation allows you to monitor your home’s security and energy from your smart devices.

Mivatek and OTELCO

OTELCO is proud to offer our customers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts the opportunity to maximize their OTELCO experience with the addition of Mivatek Home Automation. Mivatek provides affordable, easy to use systems that partner with your smart device.

  • Keep your home secure with high-definition video monitoring, window and door sensors, motion detectors, an alert siren, and push notifications straight to your smart device if your Mivatek Alarm system is ever triggered.
  • Monitor your home by coordinating with your IoT devices to control everything from when your lights turn off to how high your thermostat is set.
  • Lock/Unlock your home.
  • Open and Close your garage door.
  • Know your home is safe with devices that send push notifications straight to your smart device if smoke, Carbon Monoxide, or leaks are detected in your home.
  • Take the stress out of caring for the elderly and disabled, with video security, panic buttons that send notifications to caregivers in the case of a medical emergency, and even medication dispensing systems that send usage data straight to your smart device.

How It Works

Home Automation, like many IoT devices, is made possible by the cloud. Your Home Automation devices connect to the Wi-Fi in your house, which then allows them to communicate information to the cloud. Once your devices are connected to the cloud you can do the same, by downloading the corresponding App on your smart device. It is as simple as accessing your email or social media accounts.

Control your Smart Home right from the palm of your hand.

What You Need to Power Your Smart Home

  • An OTELCO broadband connection, there is no support of dial-up services.
  • A working Wi-Fi router in your home with an available LAN port. The router allows the distribution of the broadband signal to other devices in your home. It supports both physical connection and wireless to these devices. Our system will require a physical connection to one of the available LAN ports on the router.
  • Working smartphone with data plan.
  • Electrical outlets located where you are placing the cameras and hub. This, primarily, eases the installation by having these devices near AC outlets. In addition, it would be ideal to have the hub also near your home router, since there is a required physical connection to a LAN port.

Is Home Automation for you?

Home Automation is for everyone! Whether you are worried about home security, need help looking after an aging parent, or want a Smart House like Tony Stark, OTELCO has got what you need. As with all of our products, our Home Automation packages are backed by our 24/7 local customer service, and our promise that each device lives up to our high OTELCO standards. So if you live in New England, West Virginia, or Alabama and are interested in learning more about our products, let us know! Call us today, or better yet, request a call from one of our home automation experts!

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