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Smart Home and Safety from OTELCO

Home Automation from OTELCO propels safety and security into the 21st century. With state of the art security technology, including smart device compatibility and 24/7 professional monitoring, OTELCO can keep your home secure. Medical Alert options take the stress out of caring for the elderly and disabled, without the hefty cost of in-home care. OTELCO can even help you save on your energy bill, with new ways to control your lights, thermostat, and more.

Home Automation is the modern way to keep your home safe.

Home Security – Alabama
OTELCO Medical Alert – Alabama

Home Security-Alabama

Not only can OTELCO help protect your home from burglary, it can deter thieves before they even step foot on your property. According to a study done by the University of North Carolina, the majority of burglars were completely deterred from targeting a house if there was evidence of a security alarm system. By spending just a $1 a day you can protect your home, and your family from unmeasurable damages, as well as save 15% on Homeowner insurance.

  • Wireless door & window contacts
  • State of the art UL listed security system
  • 24/7 UL certified professional monitoring
  • Digital Keypad
  • Interior Siren
  • Control panel with battery back up
  • Key FOB for easy on/off activation
  • Lawn signs and window decals
  • An additional energy programming feature, to schedule lights, heat, and air.

Getting Started With OTELCO Security

An OTELCO security specialist will come to your home to help you design a security system that is ideal for you and your family. Next, one of our OTELCO technicians will come to your home to install your new system.

All you will need to power your new Home Security system is an internet connection, phone line, and power outlets.

OTELCO Medical Alert-Alabama

Fall detection - one place Internet and Aging connect.

Unlike “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” panic alerts, modern fall centers can detect and alert on a fall, even if the victim is incapacitated.

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving 9.3 million Americans find themselves taking care of aging parents. At OTELCO we know this is not an easy task, which is why we want to help ease the burden with our Medical Alert system.

  • At a push of our water-proof help button, your loved one will be connected to our 24/7 UL monitoring center.
  • If your loved one is unable to speak, the center will immediately follow your personalized emergency action plan.
  • If necessary, the monitoring center will contact emergency services, while continuing to stay on the line with your loved one.
  • The Medical Alert button has a long range, so it can work outside.
  • There is a backup battery in case of power outages.

OTELCO Medical Alert is a safe and affordable way to allow your parents the dignity of living independently.

Getting Started with OTELCO’s Medical Alert System

A member of our Medical Alert customer service will work with you and your loved one to explain how the system works, and to create your personalized emergency plan. All you will need to run your Medical Alert system is a phone line and power outlet.

Call 833-OTELCO-1 Today to Learn More About Alabama Security and Medical Alert Systems!