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Our home high-speed Internet service provides a fast, reliable Internet connection at speeds ranging from 5 to up to 150 megabits per second depending on your location.

Not really sure what speed your family needs?

Don’t buy more than you need. Our easy-to-use chart helps you choose the best home broadband connection. Want more info? We have a blog for that! Check it out, and maybe even sign up to receive other helpful resources.

Based upon this data, a four person household’s bandwidth utilization might look something like this:

Mom Streaming Video on Smart TV 4.00 Mbps
Social Media 0.03 Mbps
Dad Streaming Hi-Def Movie on Smart TV 5.30 Mbps
Sending Email 0.08 Mbps
Teen Child Streaming Music 2.00 Mbps
Playing online game 0.02 Mbps
Audio call with other players 0.30 Mbps
Middle School Age Child Social Media 0.03 Mbps
Skype with Friends 0.30 Mbps
Other Devices
Home Security 1 device 1.2 Mbps
Smart Phones 3 phones 3 Mbps
Kindle, or Other Tablet 3 devices 3 Mbps
Total 19.00 Mbps

Email Options for Your Home Broadband Internet Plan

Otelco home broadband solutions include web-based email that you can access using your preferred email client or by using a web browser from anywhere there’s access to the internet. Email services also include SPAM filtering and up to 300 MB of storage per email box for messages. The number of email boxes vary depending on the plan you select.

Choose Internet Alone or Save When You Package with Phone Service

A traditional corded home phone remains one of the most reliable and dependable sources of communication in emergencies and power outages – and we believe every family should have one for safety. That’s why we provide a discount on broadband service if you also choose a landline phone service. On the other hand, if you feel confident with your cell phone service, we offer stand-alone home broadband services as well.

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