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At OTELCO, we offer several distinctly different Internet options to meet your individual broadband needs. Each one is fast, reliable, and affordable.

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Lightwave Fiber Internet is the future of broadband. With symmetrical speeds ranging from 100 to 300 Mbps, this service is truly Internet at the speed of light! Although we’re building Fiber infrastructure as fast as resources permit, as of now fiber availability is limited. Check out our state of the art Lightwave page to see if Fiber is available in your area. If it isn’t, don’t lose hope!

We urge you to submit your information to us, via the provided Lightwave form, so that we can gain a better understanding of where we might dedicate resources to build Lightwave infrastructure in the future. As we begin to see pockets of high interest in Lightwave Fiber Internet, we can develop plans to build and serve accordingly in the future.


OTELCO continues to provide copper DSL in the majority of our footprints. DSL is a reliable Internet option that has been the industry norm for the last twenty years. We offer DSL speeds ranging from 10 to 100 megabits per second. Speed availability varies depending on your location.


OTELCO offers fixed and satellite Wireless Internet in several locations. Wireless is a great solution for residents who don’t qualify for Lightwave or DSL services because it can span to those harder to reach communities. We offer speeds up to 25 Mbps, with varying package options. A site survey is required to ensure quality strength.

Not really sure what speed your family needs?

Don’t buy more than you need. Our easy-to-use chart helps you choose the best home broadband connection. Want more info? We have a blog for that! Check it out, and maybe even sign up to receive other helpful resources.

Based on this data, a four-person household’s bandwidth utilization might look something like this:

Parent Streaming Video on Smart TV HD 5.00 Mbps
Shopping Online 0.03 Mbps
Social Media on Phone 1.03 Mbps
Parent Streaming Live TV to A Smart TV 10.00 Mbps
Working from Home 2.00 Mbps
Texting on Smartphone 1 Mbps
Teen Child Streaming Music on Smart Phone 1.96 Mbps
Playing Online Game 3  Mbps
Middle School Age Child Social Media on Smart Phone 1.03 Mbps
Doing Homework Online 1.5 Mbps
Streaming Music on Alexa 1.51 Mbps
Smart Devices 2 Devices 10 Mbps
Idle Tablets 2 devices 2 Mbps
Idle AI Assistants 2 devices 2 Mbps
Total 42.06 Mbps

All OTELCO Internet services come with up to five web-based email addresses for you and your household members. Bundle phone and Internet to save big!