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Internet on Us

If you’re not already an OTELCO Internet customer, give us a try and we’ll give you 1/2 off for your first three months. If you are already an OTELCO Internet customer, and there is a faster speed available to you, we’ll give you a three month upgrade at no additional charge from your current Internet plan in locations where a faster speed is available.

LeverettNet Refer-a-Friend

For our new leverettNet customers, we’ll give you a $20 bill credit for referring a friend or neighbor who signs up for our service.

Home Automation Products

to keep you connected to your home from virtually anywhere there’s an Internet connection. For pennies per day, know that not only your home is safe and secure, but that your loved ones can reach you in an emergency. Contact us to learn more about the Security Module or the Care Module.

Internet TV

In Shoreham, Vermont, for $15.95 / month, OTELCO DSL customers can now subscribe to Green Mountain Access (GMA) Video TV for internet delivery of local programming. Please note that for best streaming service, at least 6 Mbps Internet speed is suggested.

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