Local Phone Service and Long Distance

Want individual local phone service and long distance?


Local Phone Service HandsetSometimes you simply don’t need or want to bundle services. Although most people will save money and avoid surprises on their bill by choosing a bundle, maybe you just don’t make enough calls to make it worthwhile.  Whether you want to call next door or the next town, we’ve got you covered with our traditional local phone service and long distance options.

Choose the services you want

We offer a wide variety of calling features on our local calling plans, including caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding three way calling, anonymous call rejection and more.  Choose the services that fit your needs and budget.

Make occasional long distance calls?  Choose one of these Long Distance Plans

Even if you don’t call long distance very often, it’s a good idea to choose a plan that fits your usage level, so you know what the cost will be when you do need to make a long distance call.  Our long distance plans range from a per minute charge, or save with block-of-time plans with up to 1,000 minutes per month of prepaid calls.

Combine with High Speed Internet

You can add High Speed Internet service to any local phone service plan at special discounted rates.

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Please note that we do have unlimited Long Distance plans available in our bundles.

*Depending on location