Satellite Wireless FAQ

12Mb down / 3.0Mb up

Q: How many different packages are available?

A: Most areas we serve will have 3 packages available, they are as follows:

  • 12Mb Download 3 Mb Upload with a 10 GB data allowed per month.
  • 12Mb Download 3 Mb Upload with a 20 GB data allowed per month.
  • 12Mb Download 3 Mb Upload Evolution with a 15 GB data allowed per month.

Q: How much does each package cost?

A: Pricing is as follows:

  • 12Mb x 3Mb x 10Gb is $49.95 + $3.99 + Tax (Equipment Lease)
  • 12Mb x 3Mb x 20Gb is $78.95 + $3.99 + Tax (Equipment Lease)
  • 12Mb Download 3 Mb Upload “Evolution” with a 15 GB data allowed per month is $86.95 + $3.99 + Tax (Equipment Lease)

Q: What is the “Evolution” package?

A: Evolution allows the user to surf and download/upload email all month without the activity counting against their 15 Gb data allowance.The only traffic that counts against you data is downloaded or uploaded audio or video files, streaming video or music. Examples of this would be Netflix and YouTube, along with things like Panda or some other online music service.

Q: How do I know how much data I have used during the month?

A: There is an online data usage portal provided, you can log in anytime day or night using your email address and check your usage.

Q: Can I buy more data during a month if I start to run out?

A: Yes you can buy more, you only need to contact our sales office and you can purchase it in various Gb increments.

Q: How much does additional data cost?

A: You can purchase 1 Gb, 2 Gb or 3 Gb blocks of add on data. Cost is as follows:

  • 1 Gb = $7.00
  • 2 Gb = $14.00 and
  • 3 Gb = $21.00

Note: If online “Buy More” data purchases are made, and the total buys are equal to, or exceed the total amount of allowed data for your monthly plan, then a HOLD will be put on the “Buy More” online feature for your account until extra data buys are paid in full. Example: If you subscribe to a 10Gb monthly data plan and you have a total of additional 10Gb or more purchased online using the “Buy More” feature, you will not be able make any more data buys until payment has been received for the additional data already purchased.

Q: If I buy extra data is it for the current month or does it roll over?

A: Unfortunately, it is a use it or you lose it purchase. There are no roll over data plans. Each month your account resets and you start with your maximum allowed data.

Q: If I first buy extra Gb of data and I decide I do not need it can it be cancelled?

A: No, once you purchase extra data, you will need to use within that month or it will expire at the end of the month when your account meter resets.

Q: How much does the equipment cost me?

A: Nothing, OTELCO owns the equipment and you pay a small lease fee per month. It is $3.99 + tax.

Q: What happens if the equipment breaks?

A: If the equipment becomes inoperable due to lighting or factory defect then OTELCO replaces the needed item(s) at no cost. If it is damaged due to negligence or intentional actions, then we would have to bill you for the portion that is damaged. All of this is outlined in our equipment lease agreement.

Q: Is there a contract for this service?

A: No time of service contract, however since OTELCO makes an investment of approximately $400 dollars; we do have an equipment lease fee. It is $3.99 per month + tax.

Q: Are speeds guaranteed?

A: Unfortunately speeds are not guaranteed. The Internet itself is a world wide web of connected networks many individual companies operate a segment belonging to them. There are thousands of devices connecting these networks into one. It’s impossible to guarantee when so many points of problem could exist or even fail. We promise to provide best effort on our part and so long as the whole network is doing well (to include destination sites you seek out) then the speeds should be fine.

Q: How much does it cost to install?

A: Nothing so long as the installation address is within 75 miles one way of the Sedalia, MO zip code.

Q: What are the minimum computer requirements that I need to use Satellite Wireless?

A: Anything that is still support by Microsoft and has a good working Ethernet Port.