Satellite Wireless Initial Site Survey

In order to determine availability of signal, an initial site survey is required. Each site will be surveyed to see if a suitable connection is possible by either mounting to a point on your house or business structure using standard satellite dish mounting hardware. The survey will determine if a quality connection will be possible for your location. If your site requires dish mounting in some fashion other than standard dish mounting hardware our installers will discuss the possibilities with you. These types of installs may be considered a custom install. Custom installs are not free and cost for such an installation will be determined on a case by case basis.

Required equipment and installation bundle includes:

Standard Professional Installation (user self-installation is not available) Satellite Dish assembly & modem Coax up to 100 ft considered standard install. There is a “$5.99 equipment lease fee + tax ” plan. What this means is OTELCO will provide the needed equipment for the standard installation package at no “purchase” cost for the customers use. There will be a monthly lease fee of $5.99 + tax. Customer must sign an equipment lease/use agreement that outlines the property ownership and the return policy for the “leased” equipment. Your computer must have an Ethernet network interface card. Running a later version of Windows.

The cost of additional components and installation charges that may be necessary is not included in any figures quoted on this site. This type of installation will be considered as custom and will be quoted upon the completion of the site survey.

*Call for details and availability. Other high speed options may be available. Some restrictions may apply. Pricing subject to change. Equipment lease fee and taxes may apply. Speed availability depends service area. Speed are not said to be guaranteed.