Welcome to OTELCO

Thank you for choosing us as your new provider! Please take a second to review our Welcome Booklet! We have packed it full of helpful information, to make your transition to OTELCO that much easier. Inside you will learn:

If you have any other questions feel free to call us at 833-OTELCO1 (683-5261), or you can visit the FAQ section of our website!

The OTELCO Welcome Booklets

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Leverett Customers

OTELCO is honored that LMLP selected us to provide your LeverettNet  Internet service. We have a Welcome Booklet designed just for you in mind. It covers all the same topics as the booklet above, but with information catered to your town’s unique Network. In it, you will find the answer to questions about:

We also have a page on the OTELCO website dedicated to our Leverett customers, called LeverettNett.


Leverett Welcome Booklet