Get Your Team Collaborating with SharePoint

The Microsoft SharePoint logo. Three circles, of slightly different sizes and shades of green, behind a green square with a white S in it. Office 365 is a managed service that is all about making teamwork easier, and SharePoint is its solution for collaboration. Acting as a communication platform where teams can share files and exchange materials, SharePoint serves as a tool for users to join forces to complete tasks and keep each other on track.

Setting Up a SharePoint Site

Your SharePoint site serves as the home base for your team. Before you can get started with anything else, you need to set up a site that will host your documents, widgets, and other content. Keep in mind, you’ll need an Office 365 business account to gain access to SharePoint, and you’ll have to have to be an admin to set up a site.

Customize Your SharePoint Site to Meet Your Team’s Needs

There are a variety of apps and set up options that allow you to customize your team’s experience to your heart’s content. Quick links and custom views make it easy for team members to find what they need, while columns organize tagged information, and a unique site header can help users differentiate between various sites they might be using.

Lists & Libraries

Libraries are where SharePoint collateral is stored. Among other information about individual pieces of content, the library shows important data like who the last person to open a document was, making accountability easy. Lists are data spreadsheets used to manage any variety of information that will keep your team organized.

Utilize the Search Feature

Search bars are nothing new, but keeping all of your conversations, documents, and other team resources on your SharePoint site means that a search covers all your bases – without worrying that something is being missed because it’s sitting in a different inbox, or on an unconnected computer somewhere. It’s never been easier to track down that data, and you don’t have to worry about remembering exactly where it’s stored!

File Sharing is a one fo the many cloud computing tools SaaS offers.Get Your Team Collaborating

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