OTELCO SiteLink:
LAN Security and Control in a WAN

Multiple Locations –  Seamlessly Connected

For multiple-site businesses, reliable networking is vital. OTELCO SiteLink Keeps Your Remote Offices Connected

SiteLink IP is a multi-protocol wide area network provisioned through VLAN tagging, providing the end user with a private segment of the OTELCO Network. This fully meshed network provides complete control over IP addressing, subnetting, and routing.

SiteLink Disaster Proof

A disaster recovery site can simply be provisioned as “just another site on the WAN”. Then, using IP Addressing, all traffic is simply routed to the alternate site.

ClearStream QoS

OTELCO manages Quality of Service with proven technology during high-congestion periods. Users can quickly and securely share large data files, voice, and multimedia across multi-site networks, improving operational efficiency.

  • Allows you to classify and prioritize certain applications on the SiteLink IP network
  • Provides true end-to-end Quality of Service for applications such as VoIP, Video Conferencing, or critical data applications.
OTELCO SiteLink DIagram

SiteLink IP  will seamlessly connect all of your OTELCO on-net connected offices with crystal clear communications delivered effectively, reliably, and with guaranteed quality.