Small Business Tech Tips for Today’s Digital Workplace

Why small business tech tips?  Because there are a lot of small businesses.

Small Businesses on Maine Street

Small businesses are the backbone of America.

According to the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council (SBE) and 2014 US census data, Businesses with less than 20 employees made up 89.4% of all American business.  When non-employer or sole-proprietor businesses were added to the group, the percentage hit 97.4.

According to Forbes, small businesses are growing in every aspect, including new start-ups, productivity, profits, and payroll.  This is not surprising as Millennials enter the workforce with a strong entrepreneurial mentality that’s never before been so prevalent in our economy.

Also of note is that entrepreneurship in rural America substantially outpaces entrepreneurship in metropolitan areas. According to PBS Newshour  Several factors are responsible:

  • A high poverty rate
  • Low job availability
  • High disability rates

Another element of the Millennial mentality is that they consider quality of life and place as important as job satisfaction.  Many feel that a more rural lifestyle provides a better environment for raising children, and that working where you live as opposed to living where you work is a priority.

The combination of socio-economic strife and the trend of entrepreneurial Millennials locating in rural areas is a perfect recipe for the growth of small businesses in rural America.  Keep in mind that today’s small business are not the ‘mom and pops’ of the past, they need to compete in the global, digital economy, and the digitally native Millennials would have it no other way.

Who better to offer small business tech tips for businesses in rural America? 

OTELCO's New Gloucester Office

OTELCO’s New Gloucester Office

Otelco and the OTELCO family of companies were cutting edge rural small businesses in the late 1800s at the birth of the telephone industry.  When the Bell telephone companies couldn’t make a solid business case to construct telephone infrastructure in rural America, local farmers and businessmen took it into their own hands. What were small rural businesses, local telephone companies, have evolved and innovated as technology advanced, and continue to provide the technology that keeps rural America connected.

Our companies haven’t endured by accident, we worked at it; outstanding customer care and community involvement were the easy part, our customers were our neighbors.  The challenge was to stay on top of technology – particularly as the digital age approached.  We’re still here, and in the interest of community and outstanding customer care, offer some technology tips for new and small business.

What’s the recipe for small business success from a communication technology perspective?

For more than a century, Otelco and OTELCO have embraced technology to deliver the most innovative communication options.   After reviewing small business tech tips and advice from numerous reliable sources; we found 5 common technology tips that were listed as keys to success, (note the first one):

  • Embrace Technology
  • Employ the Cloud
  • Don’t Underestimate Email
  • Be Mobile
  • Don’t Skimp on Conference Tools

If you are interested in how technology can improve the bottom line of your small business, download our Tech Tips Guide today!

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