Key Takeaways from OTELCO’s SOC-as-a-Service Brunch ‘n Learn

The Arctic Wolf team explaining the benefits of SOC-as-a-Service.

The Arctic Wolf team explaining the benefits of SOC-as-a-Service.

Prevention. Detection. Investigation. Response to incidences. These are the core benefits of SOC (Security Operations Center) as a Service. Marc Keating, a Sr. Sales Engineer and technology strategist from Arctic Wolf Networks, was our featured guest at the Cloud & Managed Services Brunch ‘n’ Learn on December 10th in Portland, Maine. Marc shared a few of his top security insights, answered some hard-hitting questions and left the group with a few helpful takeaways about Managed Security Services.

Security Insights

Security is About Layers: There is no one solution to cybersecurity because there is no one threat. To protect your business from all the digital dangers out there, you need a host of different products, services, and tools.

The Weakest Links: Humans and infrastructure are the weakest links within a technology environment. People make mistakes, or worse, commit crimes, and Infrastructure, at some point or another, fails. By tying into your active directory, Arctic Wolf can monitor multiple channels of communication (including email, cloud software, chat services etc.) tell you who was doing what in your environment if data was shared outside your organization, and even assist with geo-location information for employees who travel.

Ransomware and Phishing: Everyday phishing scams become more and more sophisticated. With one misguided click, all your company’s data can be stolen and held for ransom by cybercriminals. Ransomware is the number one cyber threat out there right now. Today, 60% of small businesses hit with Ransomware go out of business within a year. SOC as a Service can keep your business from being just another statistic, by alerting you to potential scams before they become big problems.  

Helpful Takeaways:

DIY can be more costly than SOC as a Service: Building out an effective internal SOC is expensive. There is a significant shortage of security talent that SOC as a Service is helping to solve. Historically, companies might invest in a SIM generating dozens of alerts a day that the in-house security analyst must then spend all his time combing through.

SOC as a Service can do everything an in-house security engineer can do, but at a much lower, fixed monthly price. Most companies have bought some technology but SOC as a Service is another layer of protection that eliminates the need for a full-time security analyst.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a very complicated electronic currency. Bitcoin can be derived from “mining”, which involves using special software needs a lot of network space. So what does Bitcoin have to do with SOC-as-a –Service? Well, remember those weakest links? At one point an Arctic Wolf client noticed a sharp spike in their cloud services bill. The reason for that spike turned out to be an employee using the company’s cloud infrastructure to run Bitcoin mining software. Not only was this costing the client money, but it was also putting their client’s data at risk. Luckily, Arctic Wolf was keeping an eye out on those weakest links, and caught the problem before it got out of hand.

Cyber insurance: In today’s digital world cyber-attacks are a matter of when not if. At some point or another, your company will get hacked, and your client’s data will be compromised. That is why so many companies are perusing Cyber-Insurance. A stipulation for most of these insurers is that your company have a serious security system in place. Arctic Wolf has experience with these companies, and with their auditing process.

Arctic Wolf and OTELCO

OTELCO is Arctic Wolf’s only Maine partner. Our security engineers and IT experts work as the go-between for your company and Arctic Wolf, proactively monitoring and maintaining your infrastructure so problems never even reach your system. OTELCO offers a host of great cloud and managed services, including disaster recovery and help desk products for companies of all sizes.

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