Staying Organized with Outlook

Last week, we brought you our list of Telecommuting Tips and Tools, with an overview of the best ways to stay in touch with your team, even if you’re not in the same space. We highlighted Outlook as a dynamic email platform (complete with features that go beyond your inbox!) and here are a few of our favorite ways Outlook can help users stay on task.

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Personalize your emails.

With Outlook, you can set up email signatures that contain your name and contact information that will be automatically added to outgoing email. The feature even allows you to include a graphic or animation in your signature to let your style shine through, even via email. When you’re out of office, a personalized auto-response can be set up to let anyone who emails you know when you’ll be back in touch.

Keep your inbox under control.

We’ve all been there – your inbox is suddenly overflowing with emails and you simply cannot find the one thing you know is buried in there, somewhere. In the midst of thousands of emails, it can be challenging to navigate back to the specific item you’re searching for when you need it. Folders help your inbox feel a little more manageable by organizing emails by client, topic, or whatever categories are easiest for you to stay on top of. You can even set up parameters so that incoming emails are automatically categorized into specific folders based on keywords, sender, etc. to ensure your inbox stays tidy moving forward.

Make sure your team in the loop.

If there’s someone that should be copied on all outgoing emails you send, Outlook can CC them automatically when you send an email. You can also forward to multiple emails individually, or send to “undisclosed recipients” if you want to get in touch with multiple people without making their email addresses public to the rest of the group.

Plan in advance.

No need to worry about missing an important correspondence on a special date or being unavailable to send something out at a specific time. Outlook’s features allow you to schedule emails to go out on or after your designated date.

Stay on track with tasks.

If your to-do list is a stack of sticky notes on your desk, Outlook tasks can help you step up your organization game. Tasks allows you to organize your virtual to-do list, complete with priority level and due date, and even let you update your status if you’re waiting for missing pieces before moving forward with completing your task.

Get smarter with your calendar.

When booking meetings, you can be sure all attendees are on the same page – regardless of where in the world they are. Include up to 3 time zones when you create a meeting request, so there’s never any confusion about when an event is occurring. Colleagues can share their calendars with each other, making free and busy times available to coworkers for easy scheduling and no more back and forth to find a time that works for everyone. To further keep you on track, sync Outlook with your Google or iPhone calendar so all of your devices show the same information.

Customize your user experience.

Desktop notifications can ensure you always see the most important messages as soon as they come in. The option to enlarge text in email messages means you won’t have to squint at your inbox, and you can further customize the appearance of your emails by setting a specific font, style, or even color so your inbox look and feel is customized to your specifications.

Manage Everything in One Place with Microsoft 365

Outlook is just one of the great tools available with Microsoft  365, a dynamic work tool that revolutionizes the way you and your team collaborate. Managing all these high-level tools is effortless with Microsoft 365 through OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services. We can offer you an advanced spam filter, an administration portal, and will handle any problems that come up, so you and your team can focus on business, not technology.

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