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Tech Tip #3 Business Email:
Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Tech Tip #3: Don’t underestimate business email.  Another installment of our Small Business Tech Tips Series. We all seem to have a love-hate relationship with email –particularly business email.  Whether we’re communicating across the country, of with someone down the hall, email has become the first choice: It’s instant It’s efficient It provides a paperless trail of communication It also tends to pile up and get ahead of you: that’s the hate part. Aside from… Read more »

Small Business Tech Tips for Today’s Digital Workplace

Why small business tech tips?  Because there are a lot of small businesses. According to the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council (SBE) and 2014 US census data, Businesses with less than 20 employees made up 89.4% of all American business.  When non-employer or sole-proprietor businesses were added to the group, the percentage hit 97.4. According to Forbes, small businesses are growing in every aspect, including new start-ups, productivity, profits, and payroll.  This is not surprising as… Read more »