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For more than a century, the OTELCO family of communication companies has been providing rural communities with cutting edge technology, first with the telephone in the late 1800s, and today with traditional and digital communication technology and high speed Internet.

If you’ve been a customer with us for a while, you have probably seen a series of company name changes.  Depending on where in our service area you are, you may remember Hopper Telecommunications; Blounstville, Brindlee Mountain, War, Pine Tree, Saco River, Granby, or Shoreham Telephone; maybe Mid Maine Telecom, OTELCO, I-Land, Otelco Mid Missouri, Otelco Alabama, or Reliable Networks .  We’re all still here, but now we’re all one company: OTELCO!

Actually, we’ve been one company for quite some time, and internally, we’ve been operating that way.  With operations in 3 distinctly different rural regions of the US, we have the benefit of broad operational knowledge and experience.  Thanks to today’s technology we communicate between our offices in Alabama, Maine, and Missouri as if we’re in the same room; this allows us to take advantage of that knowledge base and experience to brainstorm the development of new products, and to explore ways to improve service and customer support.

Whether you are looking for ways to streamline your business communication or you need fast internet for your home, we’re here to help.

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