Case Study: How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Boosted Productivity for a Maine Accounting Firm

The McLeod | Ascanio team.

The McLeod | Ascanio team.

In the age of social-distancing, reliable telecommuting technology is more critical than ever. When it came time for McLeod|Ascanio, a full-service accounting firm, to invest in cloud technology for their remote-workforce, they turned to OTELCO.

We sat down with firm Principal, Matthew Barbour, to discuss his experience with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and how the telecommuting software boosted their remote workforce’s productivity.

Moving to a Virtual Desktop Environment

Before making a move to VDI, McLeod|Ascanio worked off what Barbour refers to as “an old dinosaur” of a local network. “Our local environment was old and tired,” Barbour remembers.  “We were constantly dealing with outage issues and things needing to be replaced or updated.” After almost ten years with the same system, it finally gave up, leaving Barbour with the chance to embrace a more modern approach.

In 2016, McLeod|Ascanio decided they wanted to move their current infrastructure over to a cloud environment. Barbour had noticed that most businesses were making the same transition and decided it was time to “jump on the cloud bandwagon,” and move to Virtual Desktop environment. After shopping around a bit, they agreed on Citrix XenApp VDI from OTELCO.

A graphic of a women using virtual desktop infrastructure to telecommute Meeting Telecommuting Needs

Like many full-service accounting firms, McLeod|Ascanio has a busy tax season. To balance out the workload, they bring in seasonal help. Before they switched to VDI, their seasonal staff had to drive back and forth to the office for devices and data – something that isn’t possible in the days of social-distancing.

Now, remote workers can simply log into the virtual desktop environment, where all the information and software they need to work is securely stored. Barbour says the transition has “helped employees to be more productive than ever.”

Working with OTELCO

When it comes to business technology, Barbour had always felt shut out by other software providers. “We like to be involved in managing as much as we can,” said Barbour, “and in the past, our vendors didn’t want us to do anything at all.” When they were searching for a provider, collaboration was a priority for them.

With OTELCO, McLeod|Ascanio has a true partner that is willing to work side by side with them to create an environment that meets their firm’s unique needs. Barbour let us know that he appreciates “the collaborative approach to managing the environment” that he has with OTELCO.

A picture of Matthew Barbour, a principal at McLeod | Ascanio.

McLeod|Ascanio Principal Matthew Barbour

Expanding Services

Today, McLeod|Ascanio has expanded its managed services from OTELCO to add more telecommuting and security tools, including Office 365 and Anti-Virus as a Service. These tools work together to ensure that Barbour’s team stays connected, secures his firm’s data, and runs his busy tax season smoothly during these uncertain times.

Thank you, Matthew Barbour, for taking the time to talk to us!

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