Voicemail Marketing: Your Hosted PBX System is a Valuable Tool

We’ve talked at length about options for business phone systems.  Versatility, affordability, and ease of use are all attributes of a hosted PBX phone system.  Have you ever thought of your hosted PBX as a voicemail marketing tool? If used properly, it can be.

For starters, you can simplify the navigation through your system. 

  • Why do the majority of customers call?
  • Are they looking to purchase products or services, are they calling with billing or accounting issues, or is it technical or product support?

Why not design your navigation options in the same priority order as that of the majority of your callers?  Once you have streamlined the navigation, you’re halfway there.

Next, you need to decide what voicemail marketing you want to share with your callers.

Product information, special offers, frequently asked questions, and brand messaging are all great places to start.  Your callers on hold are a captive audience, but remember to treat them with respect: their time is valuable, and it’s important to integrate your message without testing the patience of your callers.

There are 2 elements of the ‘on hold’ function:

  • Music or Messages On Hold (MOH), where you can share your branding message, company philosophy, product information, or special offers.
  • Comfort Messages (CM) are the intermittent messages that remind the caller that ‘someone will be with you shortly’.

A well designed hosted PBX platform will allow you to deliver a few MOH individual messages that rotate in a loop.  It’s best to keep each message at the same length of about 40 – 45 seconds maximum You can prioritize what the messages will say and what order they should be in. The CMs are between each of the MOHs and with some platforms can be totally customized and elevated.

Here is an example of four Comfort Messages with elevation that acknowledges the inconvenience to your customer:

  • CM 1 Thank you for holding, we know your time is valuable, if you’d like to leave a message with the best number and time to return your call, please press X and we’ll do our best to accommodate.  You may also remain on hold and we will be with you as soon as possible.
  • CM 2 Still holding?  We really appreciate your patience as we’re having a busy day here.  If you’d rather not hold, please press X to leave a message and we will return your call per your instructions.
  • CM 3 If patience is a virtue yours are admirable.  We’re doing our best to get to your call, but you always have the option to press X to leave a message.
  • CM 4 We are so sorry for the delay.  We are committed to maintaining local customer care; we won’t send your call overseas to some giant call center, and we know that many of you really appreciate that.  The only drawback is that sometimes we get THIS busy and your wait is extended.  You may continue to hold, or please feel free to press X to leave a message with the best time and number to call during business hours; we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

In addition to the obvious voicemail marketing benefits of sharing product and branding information with this captive audience, a well-planned series of messages will send a subliminal message to your customers that you really do value their patronage and respect their needs.