Are You Ready for Zimbra 8.8? It’s just around the corner!

Zimbra 8.8Zimbra 8.8 upgrades will be unlike any of the previous. This release is a melding of the refined code base from Zimbra 8.7, the Administration modules from the proven Zextras Suite. It also has some nice new features including the reintroduction of Chat, Zimbra Drive for file sharing, a high-performance IMAP engine, and a ton of bug fixes.

The Zimbra 8.8 upgrade offers both challenges and opportunities

  • Zimbra releases over the past few years have been on a long life cycle, and Zimbra has narrowed the number of operating systems for which 8.8 binaries are available, making single-step in-place upgrades, especially from older Zimbra versions, near impossible.
  • Zimbra Proxy, which used to be forbidden on single-server installations and optional on multi-server installations is now required, and installing and configuring Proxy on an existing Zimbra environment is not simple.
  • The tolerance for downtime when it comes to email migrations is near zero; even with an in-place upgrade, the upgrade can be a challenge.
  • Side-by-side migrations have been troublesome because of distribution lists and other system-level configurations needed to be recreated. Depending on the Zimbra version that you’re currently running, multiple side-by-side migrations could be necessary.

The opportunity:

  • Zextras Backup tools in Zimbra 8.8 can make migrations a simple two-step process, and preserve all of your sharing, distribution lists, and similar data.

Is your system a good candidate for the Zimbra 8.8 Upgrade?

You are if you are:

  • Running a past end-of-life Zimbra 6.x, 7.x, 8.0.x or 8.5.x system.
  • Running Zimbra on an operating system for which Zimbra 8.8 binaries do not exist.
  • Using a Zimbra system without Zimbra Proxy, which used to be forbidden on single-server systems, but which is now required on all Zimbra installations
  • Looking to simplify your Zimbra multi-server installation as part of an upgrade.
  • Wanting to improve your Zimbra’s security (test your current Zimbra servers at Qualys SSL Labs Test Site) — anything less than an A grade is cause for concern!

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