OTELCO Customer Email Access

OTELCO Customer Email AccessWelcome to the OTELCO Customer Email portal, providing access to your email from anywhere you have an Internet connection. We’ve also included some Frequently Asked Questions about the email portal, but is you need further assistance, we’re just a phone call 866-746-3873 or and email away.

Web Mail

Vermont Web Mail

Magic Mail Dashboard

How do I check my messages when I am away?

Visit our website to log in.  Remember, you will need to know your username and password.

How do I integrate my OTELCO email with Outlook or Outlook Express?

Check your mail settings in either one of these e-mail programs to make sure they are correct.

  • Open the E-Mail program so you get to the main screen.
  • On the top bar, click on Tools / Accounts and go to the Mail Tab
  • Click on pop.ottcommunications.com then click on the Properties tab.
  • When you see:  “type the name by which you would like to refer to these servers”
  • Make sure that in the white box below, your correct e-mail address is indicated.  It should be #ob#hfreanzr#at#zlbggznvy.pbz#ob#.
  • Next Click on the Server Tab on top.
  • It should read the following “my incoming mail server is a pop3”.
  • Incoming mail should be pop.myottmail.com
  • Outgoing is mail.myottmail.com.
  • Below that should be your account name which is your full e-mail address #ob#hfreanzr#at#zlbggznvy.pbz#ob# and then the password associated with your account.
How do I Send an Attachment?
  • Open the Mail Program that you are using.
  • Open a new e-mail window to send a new e-mail.
  • At the top of the window, click on Insert / Add Attachment
  • Browse and when you find the attachment you want to send, highlight it by left clicking on it then click on the Attach button.
I received an email from OTELCO asking for my username and password. What should I do?

This is a scam!  Delete Immediately!

OTELCO would NEVER ask for you username and password by email.

Is there a limit on how many recipients I can e-mail?

There is a rolling 150 recipient limitation for OTELCO e-mail every 5 minutes. Any e-mails that bounce back from being sent to an invalid recipient e-mail address counts as 10 recipients. If an e-mail account triggers this rate limit, please call the OTELCO NOC at 1-866-643-6246 to have this unblocked.

What are my email servers?
  • Incoming (POP) Server is pop.myottmail.com
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server is mail.myottmail.com
What is webmail?

Webmail is a convenient way to check your OTELCO e-mail account from any computer with Internet access and a compatible web browser.

What should I know about attachments?

Keep in mind when sending files:

  • ALL mail in Web Mail counts against your mailbox quota.
  • You can save Web Mail space by NOT ‘copying yourself’, ‘saving after sending’ or ‘archiving’ messages you’ve sent. In the Preferences settings, Sent Folder option, you can choose Do Not Archive Sent Messages
  • If you need to archive large messages, or large numbers of messages, consider using a standard mail program in conjunction with Web Mail.
  • Large files can be very slow sending and downloading at the recipient’s end.